Seminar: Buying and financing property in the Czech Republic

Tickets for Seminar: Buying and financing property in the Czech Republic.

Would you like to buy real estate in the Czech Republic?

Join the educational seminar where a real estate owner and a financial advisor, both with years of experience on the local market, will share their knowledge about the Czech real estate business and the financial strategy 🏘

The seminar will give answers to you whether you want to buy a property for yourself or as an investment.

36 people

Entrance fee:
***Early bird price of 299 CZK till July 17, 2019***
499 CZK from July 18, 2019

Registration (including payment instructions): https://1url.cz/ZMDbw

Vojtěch Stehno, Co-founder & CFO of Foreigners
Jakub Vojtěch, a financial advisor

Vojtěch Stehno dreamed about owning an apartment house already when he was studying at the university. It took him 5 years to get all the knowledge and experience needed for purchasing his first apartment. In another 2 years, he bought the house of 1000 square meters - the Šmeralka apartment house in Brno that now offers apartments for sale (check on https://smeralka.cz/en/). Vojtěch says that it is a must especially for young people to buy an apartment or a house nowadays. Besides the apartment house, he is an owner of several apartments and constantly developing new real estate projects.

Jakub Vojtěch is a partner of Finally Life Management company that helps people with everything related to money. He is a specialist for life planning, investments and mortgages. In last 10 years of his professional career, he helped more than 600 people to get money for buying or renewing their homes. Jakub has great connections with the key people in all the Czech banks so you know that your solution is the best one for you.

Andrea Tkačuková, CEO of Foreigners

Topics to be covered:
📌How is it beneficial to invest in a property in the Czech Republic and when is the best time
📌How easy/difficult is it to find an apartment/house for purchase nowadays
📌How can I buy a property if I don't speak Czech
📌Where and how to look for a property to purchase (websites, real estate agencies etc.)
📌Tips on appealing areas in Brno
📌How much money do I need?
📌Can I get a mortgage as an expat in the Czech Republic?
📌Elementary (financial) strategies and first steps
📌Basics of taxes on a property
📌What to do with a property in the Czech Republic when I move out of the country

Venue: A conference room on Milady Horákové 1957/13, 602 00 Brno (Finesta Group building), tram stop Náměstí 28. října (trams 3, 5, 9, bus 67)

We are looking forward to meeting you 😉

Seminar: Buying and financing property in the Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republic

M. Horákové 1957/13, 602 00 Brno-střed-Černá Pole, Чехия

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